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This summer seasonal is made in tiny batches-

blended with fresh-pressed watermelon juice and left to mingle with organic mint leaves. Unfiltered and ultra refreshing. 

5.2% ABV


A brief aging session with lavender and peaches gives this crisp apple cider subtle yet pleasant stone fruit notes with a floral finish that seems to linger after sipping. Semi-dry with aromas of lavender with fine woody undertones

5.9% ABV

Nature Study
Nature Study2.JPG

Harvest Botanical is an infusion of rose hips, hibiscus, lemongrass, orange peel and a hint of cinnamon. It's inspired by harvest season...when we know winter is coming but haven't quite given up on summer.  Available now in select bars and restaurants! 

6.0% ABV


An original summer seasonal, now available year-round. Beach Dog is made with freshly pressed Georgian Bay apples and a blend of organic pomegranates and cherries. The result is a rosé blush coloured, semi-sweet cider with a refreshing, fruity finish.

5.6% ABV


Just in time for the holidays. Our winter seasonal cider is inspired by the classic party punch. Tart cranberry and raspberry meet subtly sweet clementines and pomegranate to deliver a crowd-pleasing cider with a festive, fruity finish. Pairs well with holiday music and twinkling lights. 

5.3% ABV

Winter's Bounty

Warm sugar-plum spices of cardamon, cinnamon, hibiscus, and a hint of ginger aged & blended with delicious, tannic plum and apple cider. Semi-dry, fruity and totally festive. Some blustery winter days are best spent indoors with a pint in hand, so take a Snow Day! 

5.9% ABV

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